Upon leaving the plane, we spot a limo that bears Samson’s company logo and head towards our room at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo. Though I was a little tired from the flight, this city leaves you no choice but to take in every detail. It’s almost lunchtime in Tokyo so there is a lot of traffic and lots of people moving with a sense of urgency. I can see why they say that Japan is trumping us with technology because I am seeing graphics that seem like it would be in a futuristic film. I see people on the street with phones, computers, and tablets that are light years ahead of what we have in the States.

“Baby”, I say to Samson while I lay on his shoulder staring out into this brave new world. “I’m so happy you brought me on this trip!”

“I’ll do anything for you, baby girl”, Samson replies while planting a soft kiss on my forehead. “Because I know you’ll do anything for me, right?”

Without hesitation I reply, “Yes, anything”. There are two sides to this man. There is the loving, sweet, charming, charismatic creature. Then there is the guarded, controlling, abrasive, no nonsense side to his personality. He can change into either person or both in the blink of an eye. I don’t understand how this man is so complex. But he’s so damn fine. Did I mention rich? I knew that like most things that are too good to be true, they usually are, but right now in this moment, in his arms, everything else is irrelevant.

We enter the lobby of the hotel and it’s like I walked into an architect’s wet dream. This hotel is definitely Western-inspired but the touches of the native country do not go unnoticed. As soon as I enter the lobby my eyes are immediately drawn upward. Hanging from the high ceilings are sconces with actual candles in them. On the tables, there are huge vases with water lilies that are taller than me. The sitting area to the right has floor to ceiling windows that display the lovely Japanese garden and small pond. In the middle of that pond is a small island with a bonsai tree with the pinkest brightest foliage that I’ve ever seen. Yes, judging from my scenery, it looks like Japan is going to be a great trip.

After checking in, the bellman greets us with a smile and directs us towards our suite. It’s even more beautiful than the lobby. The terrace provides a 180 degree view of the famous Japanese Imperial Gardens and the Tokyo skyline. I step on the balcony to take it all in while Samson is paying the bellman. Inhale, exhale. Damn, I thought New York City air was bad. I hear the bellman laugh and Samson’s obnoxious bellow behind me. I turn around to see what the joke was and it looks like the joke is apparently me. Their four eyes are fixated on me while they share a continue speaking effortlessly in Japanese. It suddenly makes me wonder exactly how many times Samson has been at this hotel. And with how many women.. I brush off my insecurities and turn back around to continue enjoying the sights.

As I hear the hotel suite door close behind me, I head back into the room into the arms of the man I adore.

“So what’s first on the agenda, baby?” I say as I grab the collar of his shirt to bend him down so that I can kiss his lips.

“Business,” he says in between kisses, “then pleasure.” He lets my wrist off his collar then heads to the desk of the suite and proceeds to grab his briefcase.

I pout and stick my bottom lip out to show my discontent and let out a small cry to get his attention as he heads towards the door.

“Oh baby girl, don’t worry. You’ll have all my attention and plenty of time to moan and groan when I get back. I set up a spa appointment for you downstairs in an hour. Take a shower, get some rest, and I’ll be back this evening.” Samson blows me a kiss with a wink then puts on his suit jacket and closes the suite door behind him.

 I enter the lavish bathroom and cannot believe my eyes. The floors and the countertops are made of black marble and the shower was as big as my walk-in closet back in NYC. I turn on the showerhead then I slowly slip out of my clothes. I cannot help but to notice how my bikram yoga classes are really paying off. I can see the definition in my physique and Samson has definitely noticed it too. After a relaxing shower, I lay on the lush bed to take a quick nap. I awaken to a gentle knock on the door. It’s the concierge reminding me of my appointment at the spa.

“I’ll be down in five minutes,” I yell towards the door as I quickly throw on a floor length maxi dress and sandals. I skip putting on my panties since I’m about to be naked anyway. Closing the suite door behind me, I head down to the spa.

At the spa, I noticed how the women were dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos and looked so beautiful. After checking in, I was handed a glass of champagne and escorted to my room and told to undress and lay underneath the towel.

“Hello? Are you ready?” I hear an American accent say through the curtain.

“Yes, please come in.” I turn my head to meet her acquaintance and I am immediately spellbound.

Enters the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is simply a stunning Japanese beauty. About 5’10”, her svelte body could easily be mistaken for a model’s. Her long jet black hair sweeps the middle of her back in beautiful soft waves. Her delicate mouth is shaped like a heart accentuated with her ruby red lipstick. Her eyes feel like they are looking into my soul.

“Miss Stephens?”

I struggle to catch my breath and my words. “You’re American?”

She giggles. “Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Mayu. Mister Samson set up this massage for you today, yes? And to answer your question, yes ma’am, I was raised in America but I’ve been back here since 18. Are you ready for your massage?” She gives me a warm smile and I immediately like her.

“Yes I am.” It takes everything I have to take my eyes off of her but I am anxious to get this stress rubbed out of my body. I turn back over and place my head on the cushion. And then it happens. Her tiny yet firm hands gently caress my shoulders and it feels like heaven. I let out a small moan and immediately try to repress it. She pauses for a second then continues with her methodical movements. Damn it, Sasha, get it together.

 I begin to strike a conversation with the beauty as to not make this experience so awkward.  I learn that Mayu is from San Diego and came back to Japan to begin schooling at the University of Tokyo and to connect with her family. Though she misses America, she states that Tokyo is where she belongs. She has one more year of school and working at the massage parlor helps her pay for her tuition. Throughout the course of the massage her movements are so sensual that I can feel myself getting aroused.

 Mayu clears her throat and hesitates to speak. “Miss Stephens, forgive me for being so forward, but your body is exquisite.”

I immediately blush. “Why thank you, Mayu. I, uh, I don’t know what to say to that.”

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I feel you tensing up, please relax. It’s just that I’m so used to seeing Japanese or white people in my massage chair. Your soft chocolate skin is like a breath of fresh air.” Mayu continues to use her magic hands on my body without missing a beat.

“Well, I can understand that. Thank you, Mayu. And call me Sasha. By the way, this massage feels so great. Do you mind if I nod off a little while? I know we have about 45 minutes left in the massage.”

“No ma’am. That’s fine. But before you do, spread your legs a little so that I can get each leg without disturbing your rest.” I comply and doze off and instantly begin to dream of Sampson and the things I’m going to do to him this evening.

He’ll enter the room while I’m pretending to still be napping. I’ll be naked on the bed with a single sheet laying across my back while I purposely let my love below show. I hear him moan as he drops his briefcase and walks swiftly to the bed. He’ll call my name and I pretend that I don’t hear him. He knows exactly what I’m doing. I feel his warm lips and tongue start at my calf muscle and advance to the back of my knee cap. He knows that’s my spot. I try not to stir too much because that would ruin the whole purpose of this little charade. He slowly parts my legs and sees my wet shaved pussy inviting him to enter.

He slowly and seductively parts the lips of my love and rubs his thumb on my throbbing clit. Oh my God… Samson then takes his index finger enters the first knuckle into me making a “come here” type of motion. All my juices immediately douse his finger, dripping onto his hand. I moan as he pushes his finger further into my awaiting abyss.

“Miss Stephens,” he whispers into my ear as he licks my lobes, “will you come for me? Please baby, come for me.”

“Yes”, I moan. “I’ll come for you.” And with my declaration, my sea opens up and I release my orgasmic waves on Samson’s warm and wanting appendage. 

Except this wasn’t a dream. I awaken to the feeling of a small slender hand gently caressing my honey pot. And it feels so good that I can’t dare tell Mayu to stop…